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Termitopia - In the Roots

Termitopia: In the Roots, or better known as Termitopia 1, is a Free 2D Side-Scrolling RPG.

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Termitopia - In the Roots

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Termitopia's PlotEdit

The game's setting starts out in a large termite colony in Boulder City, Nevada. When a large termite colony finds out that their food supplies are becoming too low, instead of invading another colony for food supplies, the queen decides to send her greatest warrior, your character, to go off into the wilderness and find enough food to last the colony long enough to survive. Your player must withstand the elements of nature, fire ant colonies, and rival animals in order to survive. Along the journey, the player fulfils quests from helpless animals. Finally, on the other end of the game's story, the player turned around by a tornado, finding yourself in Las Vegas, were the player must cope with the large population, feral animals, and worst of all; pesticides. The player gains help from new friends who are suffering from the same issues, and finds much more wood in the city areas. It is when the player heads back to the colony, unknowingly oblivious to the danger that will come upon it in the sequel...

Termitopia's GameplayEdit

With Termitopia being a side-scrolling game, you are able to jump, swim, walk and run. You must control your customizable character through the world using the left and right arrow keys. In order to fight, you must click on the character you wish to attack or interact with, and an action will be made in response. When picking up items, you must step over them and press the down arrow key, and in order to jump, you must press the spacebar. During situations involving water, the player already knows how to swim, however, due to the players weight, if he/she stops any movement underwater, they will be pushed back up to the surface. Since the player needs to breathe, being underwater will make him/her lose energy

Termitopia's DevelopmentEdit

Termitopia is in an extremely early developement stage, it is going to start development soon however and once source code is finished, we will begin recruiting staff members.

Termitopia's FactsEdit

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